About Us

Eclectus are simple to care for, provided you are committed to offering them a good diet, large cage, plenty of time out of the cage, bathing, toys, and a good source of full spectrum lighting (either natural sunlight, not filtered through glass, or full-spectrum tubes, or both). They are hardy and long-lived. They love  to eat. 
Many people, myself included, believe that a diet composed of whole foods is better for eclectus than a pelleted diet. Eclectus are a rainforest canopy species and do not regularly eat seed in the wild. They do best in captivity on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked beans, brown rice, and some protein. Tofu is a good choice, and I do occasionally feed a little hardboiled egg with shell, but not much at all (maybe once a month, 1/4 egg per bird) Eclectus are prone to fat and egg is a major culprit. You will read bad things on the internet about soy based foods, but I have never experienced a problem with tofu, once a week or so. Moderation! Roasted sweet potato, cooked oats and other whole foods are good choices instead of pastas, breads and other things that can be enriched. Birds love junk as much as we do, so be careful...
I also sprout mung beans, lentils and a little cockatiel seed and throw that in with their fruit and vegetables. Just mix your legumes and seeds, soak in water 24 hours and rinse in a strainer until they begin to sprout (they should smell clean - pitch them if they get rancid) store in the refrigerator for up to a week.   
This is our basic diet here. It is offered with fruits, vegetables, a dry food called Goldenfeast Madagascar Delight (no added vitamins or minerals) fresh clean water, and a little protein 2 or 3 times a week:
2c brown rice
1 bag 15 bean soup mix (seasoning packet removed)
Mix and add to a large pot of cold water. Bring to a boil and simer 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water. 
Add I lg 2lb. bag frozen corn
3 lg 2lb bag frozen mixed vegetables
1 small bag frozen chopped broccoli
1/2 cup each shelled sunflower seeds and brown sesame seeds. 
I chop 2 sweet potatoes, or other vitamin A rich vegetable (carrot, squashes) finely in the food processor, and microwave in a large bowl for 10 minutes to blanch, and stir this into my bean mix before adding the frozen vegetables. 

This food can spoil if left too long in the cage. If you work a long day, you can feed it for breakfast and remove it, and feed it again at dinner. Do not leave it longer than 4 hours in the cage, especially in Summer, as it will get rancid. Older birds do fine with fruits and vegetables and a dry food (no pellets!) like Goldenfeast Madagascar Delight if they must be left for a long time, but the bean mix is important for newly weaned babies, whose tastes run towards warm, mushy foods.